Ensaras, Inc.

Intelligence for Wastewater

Ensaras, Inc. works at the intersection of wastewater treatment and artificial intelligence to provide novel insights and solutions for the wastewater sector.

The Ensaras AI wastewater stack helps wastewater treatment plants better manage costs, maintain regulatory compliance, protect equipment, prevent downtime, and achieve optimal performance.  We deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in real-time to obtain novel insights and value from existing plant data streams.


Our solutions are specifically tailored to address challenges of wastewater treatment from a process engineering mindset, often making use of hybrid models that combine both data-driven models with traditional engineering knowledge. We also provide solutions that are easily scaled and replicated across different technology platforms, lowering the one-time setup costs and ongoing maintenance costs of the systems.


At Ensaras, Inc., we have the skills, experience, passion, and commitment to address a variety of wastewater challenges with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and wastewater process engineering. Our focused leadership team has expertise in wastewater treatment, process engineering, resource recovery, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and is excited to be making the next generation of digital wastewater solutions a reality!

Decision support tools in the Ensaras AI Wastewater Stack can help wastewater treatment plants improve performance and meet sustainability goals.


We have worked on projects with small portable wastewater treatment plants to large municipal treatment plants. We have worked on projects both here in the US and abroad. Drawing on our diverse experiences, we are making advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools with low barriers to entry, so that these tools are accessible to all wastewater plants – large or small – no matter where they are in the world.