Ensaras, Inc.


The Ensaras Wastewater Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stack is a real-time decision support service offering for wastewater treatment plant operators and managers.

Data collected through sensors, operator logs, and laboratory testing serves as a backbone.  Proprietary algorithms developed for optimizing various tasks within a treatment plant serve as the middle layer. Finally, the analytics are delivered to our clients via cloud-based or locally-hosted dashboards, providing interactive visualization, user-friendly insights, alerts and warnings, and recommendations to plant managers and operators.



Wastewater plants are often overwhelmed with data and therefore are not able to effectively use this data to run their operations and make decisions. The Ensaras Wastewater AI stack taps into the value of this existing data. Our team is composed of wastewater treatment plant process engineers and artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. Our solutions are specifically tailored to address challenges of wastewater treatment from a process engineering mindset, often making use of hybrid models that combine both data-driven models with traditional engineering knowledge to create a digital twin of the physical assets.

Data Management

We work with our clients to set up a data management plan, compiling all of the important process, laboratory, equipment and operations data into a single readily accessible database. We also provide an interactive visualization platform for our clients, giving them the ability to view and manipulate the data at their fingertips. However, we go beyond business intelligence and data visualization with our set of AI modules. These modules use the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights to plant operators and managers.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Algorithms

Ensaras, Inc., has developed several artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that assist plant managers and operators in making data-driven decisions and meeting treatment objectives. Our AI modules are focused on meeting treatment objectives, meeting sustainability objectives, reducing operational expenses, providing predictive maintenance, and avoiding plant downtime. We have several AI modules that our customers can choose from, and we also develop custom AI modules specific to a client’s unique challenges.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Our AI wastewater stack is offered as an analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) package. This package provides a real-time visualization platform for clients to interact with their data easily, and have access to key plant performance metrics at their finger-tips.  We integrate the customer selected artificial intelligence and machine learning modules into our platform as well, providing real-time decision support through an easily accessible dashboard.  As we collect more data, we consistently retrain and redeploy the models so they learn from plant-specific trends.